Crebilly Farm Update 8/27/20

Dear Friends,

Surprise!  (I hate surprises).  It seems the August 5th BOS Crebilly II/Toll Brothers Conditional Use Hearing (postponed due to the ‘Isaias’ storm) has been all of a sudden moved up from mid-September to:
I commend Westtown Township for putting the upcoming hearing on the front of their website, in bold.
The link below shows instructions from Westtown Township on how to ‘attend’ this Monday’s hearing either by phone or your computer.
The missing password from the township document, in order to access zoom, is: 243392
Also, a heads up the link at the bottom of the township doc where it says ‘additional meeting information and zoom instructions’ will only take you back to the main screen:

Hopefully the township listserv will go out today with the above corrections made.
For questions, please contact Westtown Township Manager, Rob Pingar: 610-692-1930

Yesterday afternoon I (reluctantly) ventured out to run some necessary errands and decided to drive home the scenic route, through parts of western Chester County.  I hit route 10 and then turned onto 82 heading south toward Unionville.  Those beautiful rolling hills never cease to take my breath away and I found myself lost in my own thoughts as I drove past.  To my delight, no one was behind me so I slowed down and took my time.  Sort of like what I imagine it might have been like in the 1950’s, during a Sunday drive, perhaps looking for a picnic spot.  I reminisced in time passed in my own life and the feeling of racing my horse up over those lush green hills, numb to all cares in the world except the feel and sound of the wind.  I could recall the thick scent of wild honeysuckle.  (And I recollected the fields of poison ivy- God forbid you fell off).  To recall the thrill of sailing up to each and every crest of that beautiful land- just for the hell of it- to see what was on the other side- brought a smile to my face.  No noise.  No people.  Just nature and abounding open space and the sights and sounds that came with.  Naturally, I thought of Crebilly Farm.

Please do what you can to clear your calendar and attend this Monday’s virtual Crebilly Farm II/Toll Brothers hearing #3.  It is the only way to protect the unspoiled nature, beauty and history of our beautiful Chester County.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

One thought on “Crebilly Farm Update 8/27/20

  1. Thank you again! How well I remember the open spaces and beautiful country roads _ free from the oversell of folks like Toll! Who could well be named Troll!


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