Crebilly Farm Update 8/31/20

Dear Friends,

This is to remind you that TONIGHT, will be the third Westtown Township Board of Supervisors Conditional Use Hearing regarding Crebilly II/Toll Brothers:
You may attend in two ways; 1) Call in from your phone  2) Watch on your computer via zoom
1)  To access by phone:
-Dial 1-646-558-8656
-When prompted, enter the meeting ID# 818-5853-2115
-For those with Party Status, if you have a question or comment for the board, you may dial *9 from your phone to alert the board
2) To access by computer:
-When prompted, enter the passcode:   243392

For additional details, please read the link below from the township website:

The information in the link above, regarding the August 31st hearing, was added to the township website around mid-August but no listserv went out until this past Friday night, August 28th, around 1am.  In addition, the information on the website is still incomplete.  You will notice the link to ‘additional information and zoom meeting instructions’ is not there; it only loops you back to the main page.  Myself and others have brought this to the attention of the township administration last week before the listserv was sent out, and still the corrections have not been made.

This simply is not how it should be.  The township administration should be doing everything in their power to make this process as easy as possible for their constituents to participate.  In addition to posting the information clearly on the website, it should be sent out via listserv as soon as possible every time, not sometimes.  I strongly urge Westtown residents and nearby residents to contact the board of supervisors to raise the bar.  This subject matter is too damn important for mistakes.

If not you, then who?

Mindy Rhodes

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