Crebilly Farm Update 4/6/22

Dear Friends,

At Monday’s April 4th Board of Supervisors meeting at Westtown township, the BOS unanimously voted to approve an agreement of sale between the Robinson family, owners of Crebilly Farm, and Westtown township.  The conservation plan is this: the township’s goal is to purchase 208 acres of Crebilly Farm to be preserved as open space for the public (ie. walking trails, picnics, etc. no ballparks with lights or anything like that).  Natural Lands will ease another 104 acres into four parcels for single home residents.  Even if the parcels change hands over the years, other than a house and perhaps a barn, the land may not be developed and all of Crebilly Farm will be preserved in perpetuity.  There is much to be done in order to make this happen and the process could easily take up to two years to accomplish.  But all of this, in my opinion, is nothing short of a miracle.  

Please take the time to read the April 4th press release from NATURAL LANDS; this is very well done and explains things beautifully, much better than I could ever do so bless them:

Here is the video of Monday’s BOS meeting from the township youtube channel (well done township manager, Jon Altshul, another dream come true after five years); Crebilly Farm business begins at minute 20:00:

Don’t forget every news article, hearing video, update, etc. since 2016 may be found right here:

I’ve saved the best for last.  For those who wish to donate specifically to the preservation of Crebilly Farm, here is where you want your money to go (straight to the horse’s mouth as I like to say):

Donate to NATURAL LANDS, a reputable non-profit with a 501-C3, here is the direct link to the Crebilly Farm page on their website:

This is just the beginning of monetary collecting; every little bit will help and no amount is too small.  In the many months to come, and what I imagine will be numerous fundraisers for Crebilly, just make sure your hard earned money goes directly to Natural Lands, specifically for Crebilly Farm.

Thank you, Robinson family, for giving all of us the opportunity to take the beginning steps in a new chapter.  In addition, the unwavering support of the community and Westtown township has gotten us to where we are today, a place a few of us only dreamed of years ago.  We must keep this momentum going in the months to come in the continued quest for the best possible outcome for Crebilly Farm.  I am thrilled that Natural Lands and the current Supervisors at Westtown township: Scott Yaw, Richard Pomerantz and newly elected Tom Foster have the vision and plans to preserve Crebilly Farm in its entirety.  Good. For. Them.  Township solicitor, Patrick McKenna, another huge reason we are where we are today, has compared this new chapter to the tip-off at the beginning of a basketball game.  Since I happen to prefer baseball, I’ll just say this is a new ballgame and I truly commend this team for having the guts to step up to the plate.  Now, let’s PLAY BALL!!!”

If not you, then who?


Mindy Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 4/6/22

  1. Congratulations to all on this fine achievement of preserving Crebilly Farm forever. An absolutely beautiful piece of our landscape has escaped the blades of scrappers and bulldozers to defeat the developers as they continue to march on in search of ever greater profits at the expense of what remains of our beautiful Earth. Also, many thanks to Mindy Rhodes for her tireless and very thorough coverage of the events as they happen and to her efforts towards keeping the coalition of the various players and the concerned public informed and connected.

    Happy Day
    wil house


  2. This is such great news thank you for all your hard work! It never ends though does it ? Now developers are laying siege to Marshallton and Northbrook Road, more of Brandywine yet again ! Unbelievable

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  3. Thanks you Mindy. You are so right: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. The little town of Westtown and the surrounding communities have slayed the giant. Now we must help any way we can go see this process through. We will be called upon for our ideas and our financial assistance. What we have gained here in terms of traffic management, ground water quality, historical value, and quality of life for generations to come cannot measured in dollars and cents, but it will take our support of Natural Lands and Westtown Township to get us to the finish line.


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