Heartfelt, from a Westtown Resident 11/7/22

Dear Friends,

We have officially reached the eleventh hour in the fate of Crebilly Farm.  Better late than never, and shame on me for almost missing sharing the following precious gem, written by Westtown resident Gail Guterl.  Here is her heartfelt letter in the Daily Local News:  https://www.dailylocal.com/2022/10/24/letter-voting-yes-on-crebilly-referendum-will-keep-beauty-of-area/

Dearest Ms. Guterl,

Thank you.  For so many reasons, thank you.  Though we have never officially met, you have always been so very kind and encouraging to me, over the years, regarding the best possible outcome for Crebilly Farm.  Having grown up on General Howe Drive (in the big barn) and riding my childhood horse to Crebilly Farm; spending most of my high school years at Westtown School and in later years, renting the market house on Wynnorr Farm for over a decade of my adult life, (a profuse thank you to the Stratton family, I cannot say enough good things about them), I thank you thank you thank you, Ms. Guterl, for writing so passionately about these incredible pieces of open space and beautiful land in Westtown township.  Your words are perfect because they speak love and truth.  

For those who haven’t had the pleasure (yet) to see what lies far within the outer boundaries of Crebilly Farm, well hidden from routes 202, 926, South New Street and West Pleasant Grove Road, I assure you this hidden valley of multiple waterways, rolling hills and magnificent nature including Bald Eagles, is nothing less than exquisite in every essence of the word.  The thought of this land being flattened by development, of any kind, makes my soul shudder in horror.  Now, enter the element of our American history and the Battle of the Brandywine.  God only knows, truly,  what lies beneath that brilliant, untouched land, that has remained in quiet slumber since- forever.  Preservation of this sacred land, in perpetuity, is how we honor all those who fought and died for our freedom in the Revolutionary War.  For all these reasons, Crebilly Farm is too important not to preserve.   

Thank you, Westtown residents, for your support and your vote YES! tomorrow.  

If not you, then who? 


Mindy Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Heartfelt, from a Westtown Resident 11/7/22

  1. Good morning, I participated in The wonderful Battle of Brandywine the other month and shared with the information table, that I would done my Colonial kit as I have in the past, supporting this just cause to Save Crebilly Farm.

    I was told I would be contacted regarding one of the Voting sites… preferably near the Township building , when the Polls open.

    At a minimum, please kindly provide me a list of polling sites and I will position my self in a positive manner at the beginning of the day.

    Thank you.


    Eugene Hough


    1. Dear Mr. Hough,
      Thank you for such a gallant offer. I recommend you reach out to Ray Dandrea of the ‘Vote Yes’ group: voteyes2crebilly@gmail.com. It is my understanding that group will have volunteers at numerous polling locations tomorrow.


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