Crebilly Farm will be preserved. 11/9/22

Dear Friends,

The open space referendum in Westtown Township passed yesterday, two thirds to one third.  I am grateful and numb with shock.  I’m sure relief will follow among a pile of other emotions that I cannot process at this time.  I will write again soon.  In the meantime, Crebilly Farm will be preserved.

Thank you, residents of Westtown township, for making this decision.  I promise you will not regret your choice.  Thank you to the ‘Vote Yes!’ group and Natural Lands who worked so hard to bring solid truth to the public over the past many weeks.  Thank you to our local politicians, Ms. Comitta and Ms. Herrin, for your tireless dedication.  Thank you, Richard Pomerantz, for your tireless passion, leadership and gift of communicating to the public over these many years.  And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the Robinson Family for being dedicated stewards of Crebilly Farm for so many decades and giving us this opportunity.  

We did it.


Mindy Rhodes 

14 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm will be preserved. 11/9/22

  1. Mindy, thanks for all your effort on the preservation. Without your persistence I am sure we would not have had the same results!


  2. Job well done Mindy
    Thank you for all your dedication. And hard work. A bright spot in todays environment in knowing the underdog can win!!


  3. This is simply great news- results are noteworthy! Bravo to Westtown Township and all who worked tirelessly for this outcome.
    Horsewoman not withstanding 🌺


  4. Fantastic!!! Had we been able to vote it would have been yes. Have lived here for 45 years and always appreciated the open spaces when we moved here. Enough development has already occurred. Without measures like this Chester county won’t be Chester county for very long.


  5. Congratulations, Mindy! You are to be greatly commended for all your years of tireless effort. I raise my glass to you in celebrating this wonderful victory for present and future generations, and of course for all the wildlife that make their homes at Crebilly. I hope to visit in person one day to walk those beautiful fields. Many thanks!

    Donna Doan Patterson Farm Preservation Bucks County ________________________________


  6. That’s great about Preserving Crebilly Farm,


    It’s something I believe in

    Mike Flynn


  7. Mindy,
    We can only guess how much time and effort you have invested into making this happen. The result is almost more than we dared to hope for! Thank you so much!


  8. Mindy,
    Thank you thank you thank you! It was often your reminder, your articulation of why we needed to attend yet another township Crebilly hearing that got us off the couch and into the Auditorium. Your inspiration was invaluable in this 6-year effort to save Crebilly. Now take a breather, enjoy your little farm, your music, your amazing floral business, and your family.


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