Crebilly Farm Update 3/17/23

Dear Friends,

Please forgive this terribly tardy update… I have been remiss in my duties.  The biggest recent news to share (of which by now I am certain most of you are already aware) is another generous donation made by the Chester County Commissioners to Westtown Township for a total of $6,350,000 to date.  This is absolutely wonderful news and my heart-felt thanks goes out to Commissioners Michelle Kichline, Marian Moskowitz and Josh Maxwell.  More details may be found in the latest Daily Local News article:

I have received quite a few emails with questions regarding the status of where we stand at this time and if the deadlines for funding are being met.  I’ve also been asked questions about the four easements.  I’m going to do my best to briefly explain what I can below.  However concrete answers to these questions will hopefully be available at the next BOS meeting this coming Monday night, March 20th.  In the meantime, please understand it is common for extensions to be made to the original timelines.  That said, all parties have been moving forward and working together very well and Natural Lands has reached their March 31st goal of 75% of the funding.  THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!  I just couldn’t be more thrilled.

Below is a very basic recap and breakdown of the numbers and details; for the record, I’m keeping it very simple because I detest math and I am not a professional; if I’ve made any big blunders I will correct them as soon as I can so please don’t split my hairs here:   

*$25 million dollars total to purchase and preserve Crebilly Farm (that includes taxes and closing costs)

*There are two parts to this purchase: 

1) An agreement of sale between the Robinson Family and Westtown Township for the purchase of 208 acres by Westtown Township

2) The remaining land (owned by the Robinson’s) has been divided into four eased parcels that may be sold to new owners but never developed; three of these parcels already have homes built on them and therefore no more homes will be permitted on those lots because eased land is protected (technically they could build a barn but that’s it); the last parcel, if sold, could have one home built on it, like the others, and again, that’s it.  It is possible that the last lot could remain untouched forever.  Who knows.  

Here’s what has been committed to date:

*$6m by the PA DCNR

*$6.35m by Chester County 

*$7.5m from the Westtown Township bond to be paid for by the referendum that was passed by Township residents

*That totals almost $20 million dollars!


Closing the remaining gap of roughly $5m will be handled by Natural Lands.  They hope to do this through another round of grants, other large donors and then whatever is left to close after those bigger numbers will be completed through fundraising.  The time frame for this could easily be another year but the plan is in motion and moving forward splendidly.  So there you have it.  

For more information and to ask questions, plan to attend Westtown Township’s BOS meeting this coming Monday night, March 20th, 7:30PM Township Building, 1039 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA  19382

It seems fitting to close with ‘Hail to the Irish’ on this St. Patrick’s Day, ironically, the very land where the name ‘Crebilly’ came from.  Thank you, dear Robinson Family.  


Mindy Rhodes

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