Crebilly Farm Update 1/4/23

Dear Friends,

My sincerest greetings to you after a long holiday season.  Nothing like starting off the new year with four million bucks!  In case you haven’t heard this latest wonderful news regarding the preservation of Crebilly Farm, here is the press release from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:  Thank you thank you to our local politicians: Senator Comitta, Senator Kane and Representative Herrin.  Their tireless lobbying helped make this happen and another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.  

As I have spent the last few months reflecting upon this incredible miracle unfolding before us, it dawned on me that we have achieved a real-life fairy tale.  Together, we climbed a huge mountain.  Against all odds, we slayed the dragon.  Then we climbed the steep tower and managed to rescue the princess.  And now, thanks to the dream we dared to dream, Crebilly Farm is going to live happily ever after.  Her land and history will be protected in perpetuity and unbelievably, will remain undisturbed and untouched as she always has been.  Margaret Meade’s quote comes to mind as I write this:  “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Every one of you reading this is part of the committed group who helped make this happen.  Thank you.  Most of all, thank you, dear Robinson Family.  

Before I go I would like to take this opportunity to finally acknowledge the selfless volunteers of Crebilly Farm Friends, as their support has been invaluable and their recognition long-overdue:  a beautiful horse named White Spike, two Collies, one Sheltie, a very vocal house duck, a couple donkeys, one quite large, long-haired cat, a few chickens, two bunnies and a fish.  Last but not least, thank you to a really great guy (my silent partner) named John Braxton.  Once upon a time years ago, after I swore to John many times:  ‘I’m just going to do this one more thing…’  somehow he knew ‘one more thing’ was not going to end anytime soon.  So he got involved.  He built the website to house up-to-date information and turned my little email chain into a blog.  He recorded and uploaded every. single. hearing.  For five years.  (I cringe to think how many times that sweet man ate a granola bar for dinner).  He has been my editor, shrink, bartender, comedian and sounding board.  He graciously tolerated the laptop that invaded our personal time on countless occasions, including its attendance on every vacation, every road trip, every holiday, even our honeymoon.  Not once did that man complain or suggest quitting.  He just rolled up his sleeves and we knocked it out together.  Johnny B- I owe you a picnic at Crebilly Farm and I can hardly wait to make due on my promise.  In fact, just writing that sentence has made me tear up as I guess the reality (and relief) of this is finally starting to sink in.  I can hardly wait to show you the magnificent beauty I’ve been telling you about all these years.  What lies within Crebilly Farm will take your breath away… there are truly no words to describe…  

Happy New Year, indeed.


Mindy Rhodes

8 thoughts on “Crebilly Farm Update 1/4/23

  1. Thank you both, and everyone involved for your magnificent achievement. Now hopefully we can enjoy its beauty and success


  2. Amazing Mindy!!!!  Your foresight leadership perseverance and grit made this happen.  I think there should be a secti


  3. Thanks Mindy for your never ending support and faith in the fact we could accomplish this endeavor. Your leadership is appreciated. Doug


  4. Mindy! This is Shannon Fehr. I spent 17 years of my life on that farm and my Grandfather Donald Fehr managed it from the mid 80s through early 2000s. Today is my 45th birthday and this was the best gift anyone could have given me! I live in Georgia now, and My Pop and my Gram are both in Heaven but I know they are so happy that the farm is Saved!! Happy New Year and thank you so many for everything you and all of Chester County has done for the farm and all the people of the country❤

    Blessings, Shannon Fehr


  5. Your emotional informative updates and encouragement to attend meetings, write to our politicians, stay involved, and VOTE YES pushed this five year effort over the top. The mountain was high but the view from the top is beautiful! I still can’t believe the beauty of Westtown, the cream of the crop of open space has been saved! Let’s celebrate and have a “SAVED!” Group Trail Walk at the new Crebilly Natural Lands Preserve (or whatever official name it receives) when it is officially open to the public!


  6. Thank you for saving this slice of heaven! Have always loved driving by this “perfectly perfect” farm on our way to our cottage in Maryland (which we no longer have). Always took this route from Malvern around this beautiful farm instead of going down Rt 202 to Rt 1. Thank you for your efforts in saving this beautiful farm!!


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