Crebilly Farm Update 10/31/16


Dear Friends,

This is a Crebilly Farm update.  Westtown Township Planning Commission has scheduled the first public meeting with Toll Brothers Thursday, November 17th at 6:30PM and will be held at Stetson Middle School.  It is imperative that the community attend this meeting.  It is imperative that you speak at this meeting.  Your testimonies need to be on record.  It doesn’t matter what township you are from- please show up!

In this meeting, Toll will present their plans and there will be much time for public comments.  I have not seen the plans, but my understanding is this:

Toll has submitted 3 different plans:

1) Code Compliant Plan (approx. 320 units)

2) Single Waiver Plan (approx. 320 units) *Toll is requesting a waiver for the standard 60′ requirement in between buildings to 30′ instead

3) Maximum Bonus Density (approx. 400 units) *Toll will need to make their case to the Township to justify this by means of ‘improvements’

Other details:

*Development will be closer to the center of Crebilly leaving ‘open space’ around the exterior

*1 access will be on 202 south of Westminster Church

*2 access roads on West Pleasant Grove Road to align with Dunvegan and Hidden Pond Way

*1 access on 926 near Bridalwood

*No plans to access South New Street

On a much more positive note, I received a thoughtful and informative email response today from Representative Dan Truitt.  (I wasn’t happy with the office reply last week so I called again…)  Representative Truitt is taking a very proactive role in this; he is a man with a plan.  The tone of his email to me is that he is clearly advocating for the residents of Westtown township by pushing township officials and Penndot to adhere to their ordinances and not give any special favors.  He plans to attend whatever meetings he can personally and those he cannot attend, he will send someone from his office.  He urges residents to continue to reach out to their Board of Supervisors and township staff with their concerns.

Lastly, does anyone know who started this petition (see link below)?  Please sign it and get others to do the same.  I spoke with the Civil War Trust and Land Preservation today in Washington, D.C. and they asked to see the petition.  Keep signing and forwarding!!!

Thank you, friends.  Leave no stone unturned.


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